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Everything can happen in a city district like Ørestad with a strong and expanding partnership. The different activities taking place in ØICC are divided into:

  1. Knowledge sharing, including conferences, seminars and company visits where all members can participate with a number of interested employees.
  2. Networks, where every member has a permanent representative who participates to ensure trust and confidentiality within the network.
  3. Projects and member consortiums, where the secretariat aids the parties seek funding and handles practicalities such as organizing and setting up meetings.

Explore what activities we have on the program in ØICC below.

Knowledge and inspirational meetings are typically open for everyone – not just members. Whereas, the networks and project meetings are for members only.


Activities in Ørestad

See all our upcoming activities in ØICC by scrolling through the activity slider.

Please notice that our activities in the slider appear in the following categories: Knowledge and inspirational meetings (open for everyone), Network meeting (for members only), and Projects (for members only).

20 December 2018

ØICC Thursday Bar

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30 January 2019

Meeting in Network for Destination Ørestad

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31 January 2019

Meeting in Network for Technology and Innovation

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31 January 2019

Meeting in Network for Internationalization and Talent

See network
4 February 2019

Meeting in Network for Communication

See network
5 February 2019

Meeting in Network for Urban Development

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Development of a Greater Copenhagen Innovation Ecosystem for Innovation Districts

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Are you looking for a specific activity? You can find our activities in the different categories here:

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