Dear Sweco, welcome to Ørestad

24 October 2018

And so, it happened. Sweco’s big move from Granskoven in Glostrup to Fælleden in Ørestad. And as it is with all change, it has been anticipated with both excitement and concern. Two weeks after all 800 employees have made themselves acquainted with their new workplace, ØICC paid Sweco a visit. Here is what we learned.

Modern architecture and a welcoming atmosphere

We arrive at the big atrium on the ground floor where raw concrete pillars rise towards the ceiling and create a modern contrast to the glass façade and warm wood colors. The building is built by Skanska, while Årstiderne Arkitekter have been in charge of the interior design. And by mixing new with old (like pieces of furniture from the old building), they have managed to create a professional design true to Sweco’s identity with room for both business and play.

Will parking and commuting be an issue?
The metro stops right in front of the building, still, one of the big concerns before moving has been the options (or lack of) in terms of parking. Will it be possible to park? How long will we be stuck in traffic on the highway? Some have already decided to leave the car at home and use greener means of transport, while others are testing the traffic on different times of day outside rush hour to see when it is most feasible to drive.

“The experience, so far, is that the concerns only to a very limited degree have been met. Even parking and commuting have, in my view, proved to work well for most,” says Head of Department Morten Hell. “We experience that the building allows for new forms of working and it supports the collaboration between the many disciplines in Sweco extremely well”.

What do the employees like the most?
The view. Mette Bach Andersen sits on the 5th floor in ’the tower’ together with the rest of Sweco’s communications team, where she has become especially fond of the view. And she is not the only one.

”The building’s central location and view towards award winning architecture and other visionary companies really make you feel that you are part of a forward-looking urban district in continuous growth. The fantastic view of green spaces, airplanes taking off, and the spires in the city center, let you have an international perspective while keeping the link to the old part of Copenhagen,” says Morten Hell.

An important driver in the innovation district
Even though, Sweco has only just moved to Ørestad, they have been an important driver in ØICC from the beginning, engaging in the Board, at conferences, and professional networks. Next, they are co-hosting a conference on future security dilemmas on 13 November in collaboration with KLP Ejendomme, Improsec, and ØICC.

The new headquarter is definitely worth a visit. And we cannot wait to come back on 5 December when we host a joint event for all five ØICC networks. The new – and soon-to-be DGNB certified – building will be a perfect location for the day where the overall theme for all five networks is the Sustainable Development Goals with specific cases in urban development, communication, internationalization and talent, digitalization and innovation, and well as destination Ørestad.

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