27. November 2017

Conference: Innovations Districts & Financing Urban Innovation

Open for all

“Collaborate to compete” was one of Bruce Katz’ main messages when he attended ØICC’s conference on Innovation Districts & Financing Urban Innovation as key-note speaker. Katz is Centennial Scholar and Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution in USA and has been researching innovation districts in the US and Europe for many years. His conclusion was clear: with short distance to the airport and close to the center of Copenhagen, integrated metro, and the right mash-up of actors, Ørestad has the right potential to become a top-tier international innovation district. So what does it take to unleash the potential?

Network. Interdisciplinary networks, where people across sectors meet, exchange ideas, challenge each other and use the collective knowledge to find new, better, and more sustainable solutions. First and foremost, it is about understanding that we must work as an “ecosystem”, not a “egosystem”, says Bruce Katz.

The auditorium at Rambøll, where the conference took place, was packed with curious minds from across different industries and sectors. Under the title “100 ideas in 100 minutes” they split up into teams in a short workshop. The goal was to find specific solutions to make Ørestad a best case example for other innovation districts in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Ambitious? Perhaps, but the participants succeeded. The outcome was not only a success measured in the number of ideas, but also in the sheer quality. In the ØICC secretariat, we look forward to going over the ideas again, and see how we can use them to make Ørestad a epicentre of knowledge, creativity and sustainable solutions.

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