Thursday Bar & Networking

25th October 2018

Exhasperating, but true. Brilliant ideas are rarely born when we need them. When we sit alone in front of our computer screen and try to force them. Or when working in our usual teams in the same old dynamics. Sometimes, it takes a break from routine, an unexpected meeting, or a relaxed conversation in new settings – perhaps over a cold drink – for the brilliant ideas to emerge.

Come and join ØICC’s new Thursday & Networking Bar. Bring your colleagues, and get to know the rest of the innovation partnership.

We meet every other Thursday in August and September at Café 8Tallet on Arne Jacobsens Allé 9, 2300 København S

Together with the owner of the café and member of ØICC, Timo Hoffman, we will serve cold drinks from 3 pm – the first are free!

We can’t wait to see you!

Write us and our managing director Carolina Benjaminsen will contact you.

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