28. February 2018 16:00-17:00

ØICC INSIDER: Less is more – even in hotels

Cabinn have had great success with their business model, built on the concept “less is more”. Cabinn’s journey started when CEO Niels Fennet was on board the Oslo ferry and noticed the huge potential in the ferry’s cabins; small optimized spaces without compromising for lower comfort.

But what does it mean to base your business concept on a trend like this?

Join us for this month’s INSIDER, where Niels Fennet will present the history of Cabinn and what kind of tendencies in society that is fuelling the success of Cabinn. Afterwards, General Manager Eda Durnal will give us the grand tour plus a few surprises.

It’s free for members of Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen to partake, but there’s a limited number of spots that will be distributed as first come, first served.

About ØICC INSIDER: Ørestad is booming with activity. In ØICC INSIDER we visit each other in the innovation partnership and gain insight about what is going on in the different firms. ØICC INSIDER is being facilitated once a month, hosted by a new member each time.

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