30. January 2018 16:00-17:00

Symbion and the possibilities of the future working space

We organize ourselves in new ways. We work differently and develop new needs for the space that we call “work”. Join us for the first ever “Ørestad Insider”-meeting and listen to Symbion share how they create the future workplace for more than 300 entrepreneurs and start-ups in their three start-up co-working environments in Copenhagen.

During the visit, Peter Munkholm Nielsen will explain what start-ups seek, and how Symbion succeed in creating strong relations between start-ups, knowledge institutions, government officials and large corporations.

About ØICC INSIDER: Ørestad is booming with activity. In ØICC INSIDER we visit each other in the innovation partnership and gain insight about what is going on in the different firms. ØICC INSIDER is being facilitated once a month, hosted by a new member each time.

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