KLP sets new standards for todays office constructions

What does the offices of tomorrow look like? And what are the new buildings supposed to be able to do?

It takes knowledge, courage, foresight and fantasy to be able to answer these questions. These talents characterise many ØICC members, and KLP Ejendomme is no exception. KLP are now starting the preparations for the new office construction at Kay Fiskers Plads.

’Room for Human Potential’

The ambition is clear: KLP want to raise the current standards of building constructions by innovating for a more flexible office with the name “Room for Human Potential”. The office is built with new possibilities,  which makes it possible to accommodate new challenges such as the accelerating speed of change, retention of workforce, global competition and more focus on sustainability. This is also why this building will be among the first buildings in Ørestad to get the DGNB Gold certification for sustainable excellence.

The central location on Kay Fiskers Plads near Ørestad Station and metro, makes it easy to for both employees and the business connections to transport back and forth.

How will the building contribute to the neighbourhood?

Out of the total volume of 50.000 m², 10.000 m² will be used as a “city within the city” with stores such as a baker, hairdresser, café, drycleaning, restaurants, a food court and a bar. These will not only be available for employees of the building, but also to the outside community, with hopes of creating a more active community in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the basement will also have parking for both cars and bikes.

The businesses that becomes a part of Kay Fiskers Plads will also have the opportunity to become members of ØICC, with whom they can engage in projects and networks across Ørestad. “Corporations ability to compete demands fast conversion. This is possible through transverse innovation and partnership between universities, the public sector and the private sector“, says KLP CEO and board member of ØICC, Søren Risager-Hansen.

The start of construction: an event

The plans for Kay Fiskers Plads has been a long time along the way. On monday the 20th of August 2018, the start of construction will be celebrated. Among the participants is Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, and the new CEO of City & Port, Anne Skovbro.

The construction will be done by Hoffmann A/S with Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter and Rambøll engineers as councillors. Sweco and Kuben Management are buildings consultants for KLP Ejendomme. The construction is expected to be finished and ready to use by spring 2021.

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