“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller


Change happens when a dedicated group of people come together in smaller groups to challenge the existing and formulate new thoughts and visions for the future. Such a visionary group of dedicated people founded Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen (ØICC) on 31 January 2017.

The board consists of 7-13 representatives elected among existing ØICC member companies for 2 years at a time.

Here are the current ØICC Board of Directors.

Name: Søren Brøndum
Title: Chairman // Director, Construction – Rambøll DK
Name: Anne Skovbro
Title: CEO at CPH City & Port Development
Name: Dariush Rezai
Title: CEO - Sweco Denmark
Name: Thorkild Ærø
Title: Director, Associate Dean – Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, AAU CPH
Name: Thomas Thomsen
Title: Shopping Center Manager - Steen & Strøm
Name: Henrik Palmer Olsen
Title: Associate Dean of Research - University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law.
Name: Kim Bohr
Title: Chief Executive and Artistic Director, DR Koncerthuset, Kor & Orkestre
Name: Søren Risager-Hansen
Title: CEO – KLP Ejendomme
Name: Timo Hoffman
Title: Owner – Timo & Co
Name: David Overby
Title: Managing partner - Solstra Capital Partners


ØICC’s secretariat aids member companies realize new ideas and projects. We facilitate professional network meetings, arrange international conferences, create smaller pop-up events and support member consortiums seek funding to value-creating research and development projects.

You are always welcome to contact us, if you want to learn more about ØICC.

Name: Carolina Benjaminsen
Title: CEO – Ph.D. Technology & learning
Telephone: + 45 5338 0122
Description: With a Ph.D. in learning theory, manager of a research center, and entrepreneur checked off on her resume, Carolina has more than 17 years of experience in building bridges and move people and organizations forward. Carolina can make things happen and is used to navigating political and fast changing environments where she creates connections and strong alliances that benefit the community. Carolina is always in the middle of a book or a new podcast, and every summer, she sets sail for the Swedish archipelago with her family.
Name: Catharina Høgdal
Title: Project Coordinator - Cand.merc.(kom.)
Telephone: + 45 5087 9090
Description: Catharina is driven by her passion for working with sustainable solutions. She has prior work experience from the United Nations Development Programme and brings knowledge about the UN Sustainable Development Goals into ØICC. Catharina manages all ØICC’s professional networks, is in charge of newsletters and of all external communication. Every morning, all year around, she starts her day by jumping into the harbor and taking a swim (never in a wetsuit). In winter, she competes in the World Championships in Winter Swimming, latest in Siberia.
Name: Andreas Hauglund Larsen
Title: Project Assistant - Cand. Mag. (spanish)
Telephone: + 45 2878 2290
Description: Andreas Hauglund Larsen is our communicator with a great passion for language and cultural diversity. If something needs to be translated into Danish, English, French or Spanish Andreas will pull through and express it. He is in charge of the graphical designs with creative design tasks and website-updates, also video-editing which have helped OICC establish a new format of OICC-Insider. Andreas is an experienced backpacker and seizes every opportunity to travel and to learn about the most remote civilizations in the world.
Name: Kristoffer Vange
Title: Project Assistant - Cand.scient.pol
Telephone: +45 2261 3456
Description: With a strong interest in how you generate vibrant city districts, Kristoffer is assisting in ØICC’s network and project based work. Kristoffer is also editing and updating the content on ØICC’s website and LinkedIn profile. In his former position as a student assistant in By & Havn Kristoffer took part in the early start of the establishment of ØICC. Besides working in ØICC Kristoffer studies a Master in Political Science and plays basketball in his spare time.
Name: Sophie Witzke
Title: Project Manager – Cand. Mag.
Telephone: + 45 2512 0808
Description: Sophie Witzke has solid experience in cultivating triple helix collaborations and creating projects at the intersection of IT innovation, sustainability, art and culture. She has previously worked as a network manager and research and innovation specialist at the Alexandra Institute, and most recently she has been employed as external lecturer in ‘IT and Sustainability’ at the IT University and as PhD-researcher in ‘IT, creativity and sustainability’ at Aarhus University. Next to the ØICC, Sophie spends a lot of time in her summer cottage.

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