Copenhagen Science City – innovation in the heart of Copenhagen

Copenhagen has something, which other metropolises envies; other than our massive cyklist culture and bathing facilities. This, of course, is the network of innovation districts placed in Copenhagen, that generates growth, breaks down sector silos and attracts talent.

Composition, size and geography gives every innovation district unique strengths. Cooperation between these districts gives some special advantages. Together with three of the innovation districts in Copenhagen, ØICC has created a vision; strengthening the ecosystem of innovation districts in Greater Copenhagen. We visited Copenhagen Science City, one of our sister-districts, to hear about their approach:

What sets Copenhagen Science City apart from other innovation districts?

Copenhagen Science City is known for its strengths in academic research. The many opportunities of cooperation between academic research and corporations makes the innovation district a great place to establish and expand research heavy corporations.

How do you work with innovation across sectors?

It is unusual that three research heavy institutions such as Copenhagen University, Rigshospitalet and Copenhagen Professionshøjskole decides to cooperate and become better partners for the private sector. With Copenhagen Science City these three institutions has formalised a partnership with Københavns Kommune, Region Hovedstaden and local start-up communities.

What projects are you currently working on, or planning on starting on in 2018?

We are currently working on creating better opportunities for corporations and other actors, that can strengthen our innovation ecosystem. The goal is to make the areas’ physical facilities contribute to the innovation across sectors, functioning as a potential meeting place.

We are also preparing for the opportunities, that Metroselskabets new Cityring will create, and its impact on the further development of our innovation district. We will get three metro stations within our district, which means that you will never be more than a 8 minutes walk away from a metro station.

What is your vision for Copenhagen Science City?

Our goal for Copenhagen Science City is by 2021 to be the home of Europes strongest cluster of innovative corporations. Our innovation-ecosystem includes many of the functions, that are necessary for a succesful commercialisation of knowledge. This makes it one of the most attractive places in Europe to start, or further develop, an innovation-based corporation. This is because of the districts physical facilities, which supports knowledge sharing between sectors in the knowledge-heavy institutions, innovation communities and corporations.

Learn more about Copenhagen Science City here.

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