Helsingborg: From ’smart city’ to ‘smart citizens’

GGreater Copenhagen has become a hub for sustainable growth and innovative solutions. In Helsingborg an exciting project is under way. A project where innovation and sustainability are driven by a focus, not only on smart technology, but on smart citizens.

Why smart citizens? Basically, if a city becomes smarter than its own citizens, it is not longer a city for people. And in Helsingborg, the ambition is to develop a city with people, for people.

Last week, Johanna Olesen from Öresundskraft who works on the city development project H+, payed a visit to ØICC. The goal was to exchange experiences and learn about each other’s projects and different ways of working with innovation, acceleration, and city labs.

Johanna told us about their extensive work to map city trends, new generations, scenarios, etc. to fully understand the people that Öresundskraft is helping develop the city for. The project started in 2016 and if you are interested you can see some of the early results which were presented at the conference Future Citizen 3 May 2017.

One of the H+ projects which we highly recommend that you keep an eye on is RECOLAB – Helsingborg Recovery Lab. It is going to be a physical and virtual urban test lab where universities, private and public actors can come together and co-create new technological solutions for water, waste, and energy. RECOLAB will make innovation visible and spur the entrepreneurial culture in Greater Copenhagen even further.

Do you want to know more about RECOLAB, please contact Process Leader Stefan Persson stefan.persson@rhefab.se or read more about the plans for H+ here.

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