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– For a holistic experience

Ørestad is growing. Within a couple of years, every fourth citizen in Copenhagen will have a connection to the city district, either by living, working or studying there. At the same time, Ørestad has become an attractive destination for many international tourists and other visitors who are on business trip, going for a concert, a sports event, a conference, or one of the many other attractions on offer.

With an excellent infrastructure and world-class venues the potential to create synergies between the many different actors and strengthen the total experience of Ørestad is significant. Now, central operators in Ørestad have joined forces to share knowledge, coordinate activities, and co-create projects. The goal is to enhance people’s total experience of Destination Ørestad, and make those who live, study, work or simply visit the area aware of the multitude of unique experiences on offer.

Expert partners/network facilitators:

Stine Rysgaard (to the left), Center Marketing Manager in Steen & Strøm. Responsible for marketing in the shopping center Fields.

Peter Hejselbæk (to the right), Partnership Manager, Marketing & Communication in BC Hospitality Group. Responsible for the development of marketing and communication at BC Hospitality Group.

Members represented in the network:

Name: Lise Hein
Title: Communications Manager
Name: Timo Hoffman
Title: Owner
Name: Eda Durnal
Title: General Manager
Name: Stine Rysgaard
Title: Center Marketing Manager
Name: Peter Hejselbæk 
Title: Partnership Manager, Marketing & Communication
Name: Matthias Birk
Title: Store Manager
Name: Lars Greir
Title: Editor
Name: Ditte Krømmelbein
Title: Head of Marketing & Communication
Name: Bo Christiansen
Title: Founder
Name: Helene Balslev Clausen
Title: PhD. - Associate Professor
Name: Andreas Orebo
Title: Investment Professional
Name: Kristine Kjeldgaard Ribe
Title: Marketing Officer
Name: Nicholas W. Ostenfeld
Title: Commercial Manager
Name: Rasmus Jørgensen
Description: Salg & Vurdering
Name: Susan West Norsker
Description: Communications Consultant

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