Network for Innovation & Technology

– Innovation from within

New technologies, new business models and increased global competition have spurred the need for innovation within established companies and organizations. In Network for Innovation & Technology we look at how members of ØICC can develop and incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset and use it to advance business opportunities.

Expert partner and Network facilitator, Peter Munkholm Nielsen

Peter Munkholm Nielsen is Community Builder at Symbion where he works with +300 startups across Symbion’s three co-working spaces in Copenhagen. Peter knows what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset and how it can be used to advance business. He is an entrepreneur himself and has co-founded the company Rotapure Lab Instruments. He also has a background in Copenhagen Capacity where he helped drive business development and innovation to attract foreign companies, investors and talent to Greater Copenhagen. As expert partner and network facilitator to the ØICC secretariat, Peter helps put together relevant content for the meetings in Network for Innovation & Technology

Dates for future network meetings

Take a look here for the coming meetings in Network for Innovation & Technology.

The meetings are primarily for members of ØICC.

For more information, download the network’s mission paper here.

If you wish to gain more information on the network, please contact Carolina Benjaminsen

28 May 2019

Meeting in Network for Innovation & Technology

See network
18 September 2019

Meeting in Network for Innovation & Technology

See network
19 April 2018

Meeting in Network for Corporate Entrepreneurship: Tsunamis and how corporates face them

See network
4 October 2018

Meeting in Network for Corporate Entrepreneurship: Ramboll in digital transformation

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5 December 2018

Meeting in Network for Corporate Entrepreneurship

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31 January 2019

Meeting in Network for Innovation & Technology

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Members represented in Network for Innovation & Technology

Name: Peter Munkholm Nielsen
Title: Community Builder
Name: Timo Hoffman
Title: Owner
Name: Dennis Hellegaard
Title: Head of education
Name: Gorm K. Elikofer
Title: Corporate Account Manager
Name: Morten Starup
Title: Communications Manager
Name: Eda Durnal
Title: General Manager
Name: Thomas Martinsen
Title: CEO, partner
Name: Claus Vesthammer
Title: COO & Security Advisor
Name: Juan Lopez
Title: Regional Manager
Name: Mashiah Moltrup-Ryom
Title: Client Developer
Name: Berit Daugaard
Title: Owner
Name: Bo Christiansen
Title: Founder
Name: Jette Hansen
Title: Presale Manager
Name: Jonas Søgaard Grøn
Title: Innovation Consultant
Name: Allan Bjørngaard
Title: Co-Founder
Name: Claus Jørgensen
Title: Advisory Systems Engineer
Name: Andres Bastholm
Title: Project Manager/Senior Consultant
Name: Daniel Maimann
Title: Chief Project Manager

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