Network for Urban Development

– Make innovation visible

The purpose of Network for Urban Development is to share knowledge and learnings about what it takes to create a well-functioning, green and livable city – for those who live in, study in, work in or simply pass through the city district.

The ambition is to use Ørestad as a testbed to experiment with different solutions to challenges that are relevant but not unique to Ørestad. This is a means to make the innovation district a source of inspiration for other cities and innovation districts in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Expert partner and Network facilitator, Helle Huse

Helle Huse is Senior Project Manager at Rambøll, City & Traffic, and has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant in the field. That makes Helle the ideal expert partner and network facilitator for ØICC in Network for Urban Development. She not only brings knowledge of the latest developments and trends in traffic and urban planning, but her broad experience enables her to qualify the content on the network meetings in close collaboration with the ØICC secretariat.

Dates for future network meetings

Take a look here for the coming meetings in Network for Urban Development.

The meetings are primarily for members of ØICC.

For more information, you can download the network’s mission paper here (In Danish).

If you wish to gain more information on the network, please contact Carolina Benjaminsen on

29 May 2019

Meeting in Network for Urban Development

See network
3 May 2018

Meeting in Network for Urban Development: The Development of Ørestad – from bare field to to a thriving urban neighbourhood

See network
12 September 2019

Meeting in Network for Urban Development

See network
25 January 2018

Network for Urban Development: When do we start to see self-driving busses in Denmark?

See network
11 September 2018

Meeting in Network for Urban Development: Nature-based design

See network
5 December 2018

Meeting in Network for Urban Development

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5 February 2019

Meeting in Network for Urban Development

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Members represented in Network for Urban Development

Name: Helle Huse
Title: Senior Project Manager
Name: Camilla Jo Luiting
Title: Business Project Manager
Name: Timo Hoffman
Title: Owner
Name: Thomas Thomsen
Title: Center Manager
Name: Jacob Norvig Larsen
Title: Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Name: Rita Justesen
Title: Chef for Planlægning & Arkitektur
Name: Ib Kaa
Title: Business Development Manager
Name: Jörgen Edström
Title: Development Manager
Name: Søren Raae Teisen
Title: Development Manager
Name: Tomas Jandorf
Title: Owner
Name: Lars Greir
Title: Editor
Name: Matthias Birk
Title: Store Manager
Name: Peter E. Jørgensen
Title: Senior Asset Manager
Name: Kathrine Heiberg
Title: CEO
Name: Marc J. Jørgensen
Title: Senior Consultant
Name: Jonas Lindelof
Title: Principal
Name: Juan Lopez
Title: Regional Manager
Name: Lars Gøtke
Title: Associate Director
Name: Philip Norup Valery
Title: Real estate agent
Name: Søren Risager-Hansen
Title: CEO
Name: Bo Christiansen
Title: Founder
Name: Anders Berg Sørensen
Title: Transaction and Business Development
Name: Pernille Stahlschmidt Tørning
Title: Head of department - CPH
Name: Iben Borbye
Title: Business Development Manager
Name: Allan Bjørngaard
Title: Co-Founder
Name: Mette Hyrup Vilsen
Title: Head of Department

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