Monday, February 4th 2019, at. 15:00 – 16:30

Customer Experience Management

Take responsibility for the customer experience

In the Network for Communication, we are launching 2019 in the process of focusing on the work that takes place in the front with user and customer experiences. We are visited by Ian Wisler-Poulsen, who is the Customer Experience Manager at the Tivoli Academy in Tivoli. Ian has created impressive results and helped several companies (both public and private) creating better experiences and progress for their customers. Ian is also the author of “Grundbog in Service Design”.

At the meeting, Ian will talk about the Tivoli Academy and low-cost tools that Tivoli uses to create better experiences for the guests. And you get the opportunity to ask for what it takes to make yourself successful with CEM? How it can be relevant in your industry and work? And how it can add value to the work of differentiating your brand and the other competitive advantages CEM can give your business.

Write us and our managing director Carolina Benjaminsen will contact you.

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