Thursday, January 31, at. 15.00-17.00


Digital transformation at strategic and practical level

At this meeting we focus on digital transformation with inspiring input from two experts with many years of experience and results in the field.

First we get the pleasure of a presentation by Jesper Munkholm, who for many years has helped SaaS companies and their owners, executive boards and boards to understand and build organizations that support rapid international scaling and growth. In recent years, Jesper has helped major international companies work with digital transformation and has especially helped the top management understand the real journey they are facing.

Second presentation is Thomas Martinsen, CEO of Bluefragments, a consulting company with expertise including within Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is rapidly expanding and will within a few years be part of all companies. Thomas will therefore tell how employees can start working with artificial colleagues and how they can use AI to make knowledge-based decisions to a greater extent.

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