09. May 2018

Place Branding

Network for Communication

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The reputation of countries, regions, and even city districts have become increasingly significant for our ability to attract talent, business opportunities, and capital. That is why we cannot ignore the branding of specific localities.

At this meeting in Network for Communication, we have invited Mensch to share their experience with place branding. Mensch is behind some of the world’s most successful and prize winning communication campaigns of places. In destination marketing and place branding, the bureau has among other things worked with a shared branding for the Northern countries. And last year, they won the prize for the world’s best social media campaign for their branding of the Faroe Islands. A campaign that is now nominated for the destination prize at this year’s World Media Awards.

At the meeting, Partner and Creative Director, Frederik Preisler, and Contact Director, Rune Hørslev, will tell about their work with several of their renowned campaigns. About the strategy, the challenges, and what it takes to break through the noise in the media and reach relevant target groups. Together, they will give their answer to what characterizes the future of place branding and communication.

3pm to 5pm

By & Havn
Nordre Toldbod 7
1259 København K

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