21. February 2018

Handling of our own unconscious bias to promote inclusion, innovation, and creativity

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Most of us have a very good idea about how we logically and rationally reach important conclusions. Most of us have probably also heard that this is not always the case, because no one is unaffected by their own unconscious bias. It affects our decision-making processes and recruitment processes – nationally as well as internationally. The good news is that research shows that we, with the right approach, can reduce our own unconscious bias and promote inclusion, innovation, and creativity within the work place.

With input from Heidi Rottbøll Andersen from LIVING INSTITUTE, we take a look at the latest research in how the brain works and gain knowledge about how we avoid letting our unconscious bias take control and influence important decisions and actions.

What is ‘unconscious bias’?

Our brain automatically tells us that we are safe with people who look, think and act similarly to us. That was our survival trick on the savannah and still is useful most of the time today. The brain uses short-cuts to navigate an incredible amount of information which leads us to make snap decisions about who we prefer and who we avoid.

These automatic preferences and prejudices are what we call ‘biases’. As such, unconscious bias is the #1 contributor to a homogenous work environment and sameness thinking, thus a disabler of diversity and an enemy of innovation.

Kilde: Living Institute

About Heidi Rottbøll Andersen
Heidi Rottbøll Andernsen is Founding Partner and Director of LIVING INSTITUTE, a company that helps some of the biggest companies like LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, Bayer, Novo Nordisk, Rockwool, SAP, Symphogen, Danfoss, Grundfos, Vestas, Nordea, and Danske Bank become culturally intelligent. Rottbøll Andersen gives lectures at Copenhagen Business School about business culture, and she is part of the think tank in Danske Bank for diversity and inclusion.

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