11 September 2018, 08.00-10.00

Nature-based urban design

Network for Urban Development

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After years of designing nature out of our cities – it’s now coming back in. Green spaces, facades, and rooftops are re-appearing, and they do not only serve to beatify. They help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our cities, today, while also improving our health and quality of life.

SLA is among Denmark’s most respected landscape architects, and they are known for their interdisciplinary and innovative approach to urban designs inspired by nature, sustainability, and technology.

SLA has already a broad portfolio of projects in Ørestad and more in the pipeline. With an inspiring presentation from CEO and Partner, Mette Skjold, and Project Manager and Architect, Tine Langsted Krogstrup, we will learn about SLA’s nature-based design and approach to people, cities, and urban spaces.

Showcasing projects from Ørestad and the rest of the world, we will see how a focus on the workings of nature can help create robust and sensory city spaces. Spaces that are not only a joy to people to move through and stay in, but also optimize the micro climate and help solve sustainability challenges facing society.

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