03 May 2018

The Development of Ørestad – from bare field to to a thriving urban neighbourhood

Network for Urban Development

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The first ideas for Ørestad were formulated in the end of the 1980s (1990s). Then, around the millennium, the construction of the infrastructure started, and since then, the realization of the city district has really taken off.

At this meeting in Network for Urban Development, Rita Justesen, Director for Planning & Architecture at CPH City & Port Development will give us a unique insight into how Ørestad has developed and how thoughts about urban development have changed since the 1990s. Afterwards, Rikke Faaborg Jarmer, Director of Development for Sustainability and City Life at  CPH City & Port Development will take us through how she and her colleagues have worked with different projects to promote city life in Ørestad in close dialogue with both citizens and businesses.

Rita Justesen and Rikke Faaborg Jarmer have both been involved in the development of Ørestad since the beginning of the city district. They are also working on the development of Sydhavn and Nordhavn.

8 am to 10 am

By & Havn
Nordre Toldbod 7
1259 København K

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