Address: Ørestad
Project owner: ØICC
Project responsible: ØICC
Length of project: From january 2019 -
Project milestones: Sustainable Urban Development
Member group: Members
Financed by: ØICC
Area: Ørestad
Focus area: Sustainable Urban Development

Ørestad as a laboratory for sustainable urban development

In 2019, ØICC rolls out a major initiative around the UN World Goals. In this connection, the ØICC has set up an Advisory Board consisting of experts in the field of sustainability. They have agreed to help and inspire the member companies to rethink, innovate and develop business with this agenda in sight.

The goal is to identify real-life issues where projects across the business partnership can help give members’ work on sustainability, height and scale, and not least increase their competitiveness.

Why focus on the UN Global Goals?

Ørestad is a patchwork of companies, educational institutions and not least industries where the common denominator is not immediately obvious. Over the past year, however, it has become clear through the dialogue with all members that focusing on sustainable change and, not least, the global goals is something that goes back and occupies the vast majority. In particular, focus on the link between core business and sustainable restructuring.

Nor is there any doubt that this agenda holds the ground for new business opportunities if it is properly addressed, and therefore it will be a strong agenda to gather across across Ørestad.

Working group and workshops

In 2019, we roll out a number of workshops, where initially selected persons within the same industry meet to identify specific issues. This does not mean that it is necessarily within the industry itself that the solution to the problem must be found. Crossing industries can be of great value. But initially, the most important thing is that the professionals, with their in-depth knowledge of their own field, get together and identify specific challenges.

Here is the Advisory Board

In each working group there will be companies that are relatively far in their work with the global goals, and others who have just started. Therefore, we have set up an Advisory Board, which will act as an inspiration and contact-creating entity for what is happening globally within the field of member companies. The Advisory Board consists of a number of experts in the field of sustainability selected for their commitment and their international outlook, as well as a representative selected from each working group.

The Advisory Board sits:

  • Steen Hildebrandt, Professor emeritus at Aarhus University
    Hildebrand has for many years worked with the world goals and the forerunner of this, from a business perspective.
  • Annemarie Meisling, Director of Sustainability at Chr. Hansen
    Meisling has helped to change and sharpen Chr. Hansen’s business model, so that 82% of the company’s revenue supports three world goals.
  • Katherine Richardson, Professor at the University of Copenhagen
    In addition to Richardson’s research field being sustainability, she is also one of the UN’s 15 selected experts among 150 member states and 300 candidates to evaluate the world goals.
  • Mia Manghezi, Project Development Director at PensionDanmark
    Manghezi has extensive experience in sustainability in the construction and urban development and has worked with sustainability certifications for many years.
  • Michael Ulveman, CEO of the communications agency Ulveman & Børsting
    Ulveman has many years of experience in strategic communication both in business and in politics, where he has been an advisor to NATO Secretary-General and press secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Thomas Ravn-Pedersen, The World’s Best News
    Ravn-Pedersen is a friend of the Advisory Board, and has a great view of what is happening on the national agenda around the world goals.
  • Mette Fjalland, Communications and Partnership Advisor at UNDP Nordic Office
    Mette Fjalland has been a part of UNDP, Nordic Office since 2011, and has more than twenty years of experience in international development with a strong focus on partnership building, programme management and advocacy.

There is a momentum now in relation to the global goals and green transition. As our member companies have already begun to get to know each other, the collaboration on projects originating from global goals will be easier. This is the first time that private and public actors themselves have gathered on this agenda at city-level, and we hope it can become a model for inspiration to others.

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