Address: Ørestad
Project owner: ØICC
Project responsible: ØICC
Length of project: Started in January 2018
Project result: Create a coordinated security collaboration between actors in Ørestad
Network: Members of ØICC
Member group: TBA
Financed by: Involved parties
Area: Ørestad
Focus area: Ørestad

Project initiated the. 18. January 2018

Ørestad and Security

Individual expenses to security measures are costly, and many preventive mechanisms work better when they are placed at a distance to the building that they are trying to protect. In addition, there may be cumulative gains to be won by conjoining particular aspects of Ørestad’s security measurements and urban development projects that can improve the livability.

In this project, members of ØICC are looking at whether there is a business case for conjoining efforts regarding security efforts and making a shared plan for the city district as a whole. This could both improve the safety in Ørestad, reduce individual costs due to economies of scale, and bring about more livable solutions that will benefit everyone in the city district.

More information will follow.

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